Celebrate Your Marriage Union

Marriage is honorable. You should be thankful you are married and had remained so. Many had gone that way and never enjoyed the ride. For some, it resulted in their demise. But thankfully, you made it. You may argue, you may sometimes find the marriage voyage turbulent but in all of your challenges, you are still together. You should celebrate this. Your once-in-a-year wedding anniversary is not enough. Find reason to spend more time together in a celebratory mode. When you do this often, it helps to keep the bond of love intact. When you reassure each other of your love, it keeps the marriage flame aglow.

It does not have to involve much money all the time; you can keep it simple and yet still achieve the intent for which it is set. This will help your relationship flourish. Taking out frequent times together could be the key to sustaining your home.

When you set out time to celebrate your relationship together, avoid using this medium to settle dispute or grievances. This is not the time for such. Rather, spend time talking about what you appreciate in one another. Keep it real. Avoid pretenses. Don’t be economical with expressing your love for one another.

You may choose to play games together. Have a healthy competition with a prize attached. For example, whoever loses cooks dinner or bathes the kids. There are a lot of other fun things you can do together. Surprise one another, do something your spouse may not be expecting from you (in a fun and positive way).

Take time out for an occasional date night together or lunch as the case may be. When money is tight sometimes, you may decide to cook something special together and enjoy the meal within the cozy ambience of your home.

Courtship moments are quite interesting. You may also want to reminisce about your time together during your courtship days, I am sure this will tickle some great memories and laughter and your children may find some of the events that brought their parents together quite interesting and perhaps hilarious. You can reiterate what attracted you to each other in the first place. This will light up the love-bulbs in your heart and help affirm how bless you are to have found each other.

You may decide to watch a movie of interest together. Look at old pictures that brings back great old memories. Dance together. Light up the flame of passion when the kids are already tucked in bed. It should be a light moment that should be enjoyed by both.

You may decide to compose a song or write a poem together. You don’t have to be Pro to do this, in fact your being an amateur makes it the more interesting. Don’t hold back.

When you constantly celebrate your union, your love and appreciation for each other will grow deeper and richer. We do not require rocket science to help spice up our marriage. It simply requires conscious effort from both parties to make it work. Put this to practice and you will experience a difference in your marriage.