Distance Misgivings

Distance, so it was said, makes the heart grow fonder. In a world where trust is fading away fast and being replaced by insecurity, long distant relationships are just inevitably doomed from the start. At this age and time, most of us are majorly focused on settling for a better life by simply working and working some more hence the essence of a steady and close relationship slowly seems like a fading light in the horizon. Nobody wants to marry a looser and nobody want to get married a looser and its for a fact that people are working extra hard to earn that extra amount of money. For these reason, people will look for jobs any where and most of the opportunities, it seems, are not found any where near us.

I had a friend who got lucky to land himself a job in another country. All was well but one detail didn’t quite seem to add up with his current equation-he had a girl friend that was seven weeks pregnant. The major issue was that the deal he had luckily t had no slot for a second party. So he and his girl friend sat down and talked through the issue in details. They made up their mind that the guy would go first and find a way to make her fly there. So it was and the guy gave a one year dead line.

Its now three years and I still see the girl around. Last time we spoke she told me that she hadn’t heard a thing from him in two and a half years. It stands out however that the first, and actually only thing, that crosses here mind is ‘He found another person and moved on’. For all we know the guy could be dead or still working towards the plan goal. Regardless, we do not fully exclude the view of him having an affair.

In complete honesty, when a loved one distances him/himself for a while, insecurity slowly starts to eat us up. Thus the subject of distance. We can try to hide it we cannot deny the fact that we were wired to be insecure. In a different case, ever wonder why that nagging girlfriend calls almost ten times in a night to ‘make sure you are okay’? It all goes down to insecurity. Society has a problem that most people are not aware of in the first place. A problem that has torn down lives without any facts but mere opinions-and as somebody once said ‘opinions aren’t facts’

However, as we look at this whole thing as simply a problem we have to acknowledge the fact that there are those among us whose trust between them cannot be broken even with a long period without having the glimpse of the other person. When it comes down to the question on relationship there are two thing to do: first trust each other and second of all its how much you communicate to the other person that counts the most.