Erotic Romance

Right now, the bestselling book on Amazon is Fifty Shades of Grey. This has created an explosion of other similar selling titles, and suddenly more and more women are reading erotic romance novels. But now many people are wondering if reading these stories is good for your relationship?

Let’s get straight to the facts then – it certainly can’t hurt. Many women say that reading these books can help ignite passion into their lives, and if you have a partner, of course that will usually translate into more passionate nights with them.

The only time it is a problem is if you would rather read your book, than spend time with your partner (although if that’s the case there are probably many more issues in your relationship that you need to deal with first).

Many partners usually agree that it does produce more intimate encounters, and even can lead to more experimentation in the bedroom if there is a certain scene that is particularly arousing.

I have no doubt that more couples have been introducing new games and fantasies into their bedrooms after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. And even if you don’t try out some of the things that the characters get up to, just thinking about it while you are with your partner can help increase arousal in many women.

Of course, not all good erotic romance stories need to be as extreme as that novel. In fact you can get romances that range from the ‘fade to black’ scenes in which everything is left up to the reader’s imagination, right up to certain fetishes. So really there is something in this genre for every taste.

Most commonly though, is usually the typical male / female scene where the heroine falls for the hero’s charms and a passionate night of lovemaking ensues.

Don’t always assume that romantica just includes human characters though, paranormal romances with heavy sex scenes are also becoming a mainstream read for many women. It has been said that some women prefer the idea of a vampire or werewolf making love, rather than a real person.

It’s still just all fantasy though. And probably the reason why the more extreme books do well – because you don’t have to try it in real life, it can stay in your head where it belongs. And if that helps bring couples together, it must be good for the relationship.