Get Him to Be More Romantic

If you want your man to step up and give you some more romance, then you are NOT ALONE. Most men put their best foot forward at the beginning of the relationship (wooing and purchasing and caressing and complimenting) and then… it’s “Grab me a beer, babe, while you’re in the kitchen.” Have no fear though, there are ways to get him to be more romantic, and they include upping your “cherish quotient”

If you want romance, you have to change the way he sees you. He may think you are grand, funny, fun, sexy, smart and a real “trophy”. But that ‘s not going to make him treat you like you are a sensitive, delicate thing that requires a gentleman to wear his “kid gloves” when handling the gorgeous creature you are. That’s where the romance lives. The more his heart melts with a need to both cherish and protect you, the more romance he will provide.

Now… he may want to protect you, but that doesn’t mean he cherishes you in a “sexy” way. He may want to protect his mom or his children, but if he feels both a need to protect you and make love to you… then he cherishes you in the way I mean!

So, how do you make a man want to protect you and ravish you at the same time? You soften yourself and get into your senses. You open your heart to let your vulnerability ooze out and you invite him to come hither with your relaxed, available body language.

You should indulge your senses (perfume, body lotions that caress you, eat fruits that taste luscious, listen to poetic music). Opening your senses puts you into your feminine energy and it makes him want to dive into your softness… literally.

So instead of fussing at him about how he never takes you out and how you need to be romanced, concentrate on ROMANCING YOURSELF. This will make you feel more sensual, pampered, praised… cherished. That energy will make him feel lust and desire for you. And… if you couple that sensuality with vulnerability (leaning on him for emotional support), he will not only desire you, he will want to protect you from all the other men he fears desire you.

Oh, men.

It’s then, when you can see equal amounts of lust and care in his eyes, that you express a need to be romanced… without asking for it: “I miss the days of rose petals in the jacuzzi, baby. I could curl up with you right now in the hot tub and just rest my naked, warm chest directly on yours for hours. Too bad we don’t do that anymore.”

Watch how fast he gets up and yanks off the jacuzzi cover… and it could be the middle of January.