How To Sound Sexy

Do you have any personal favourite sex symbols. I’m talking of course in the league of Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot. Do you know what is the one thing they all have in common except for amazing bodies and stunning looks? They sound sexy. You can’t really imagine many famous sex symbols without thinking of the sexiness of their voices. It was what completed them and to a large extent many of them could not have become sex symbols without sounding appealing and sexy.

There are a number of things you can do to find your most sexy tone of voice. Its not like sounding sexy is only possible for a few select people lucky enough to have the talent. No, there are just a number of things you have to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Deeper Breathing

A problem for many is that we get anxious in social situations or when tying to impress someone of the opposite sex. This subconsciously leads us to start taking quicker and more shallow breaths. As it is, the average person only uses twelve percent of their lung capacity when taking a breath. By breathing deeper you will release the stress and anxiety built up in you as well as slow down the pace of your speech. Such changes will make you come across as more confident and less anxious as a person. People will feel more at easy being around you and men will certainly be ones to notice.

A good way to start monitoring your breathing is with some yoga. With its help you will become a lot more aware of yourself and your stress levels. Else, you can just try some deep breathing exercises.

Tip #2: Speak From Your Diaphragm

Your most naturally pleasant sounding voice needs to come from your chest. You need to avoid talking from your nose or throat which can lead to your voice sounding less appealing. Imagine that your are talking from your diaphragm as you do. This will help you bring out the best of your voice. It will further make your pronunciation clearer and well paced. Helping you sound more confident and sexy.

Tip #3: Monitor Your Speech

Ever try and record yourself as you speak? Try it. You may discover some things which annoy you. Do you overuse certain words? Does your choice of words make you seem immature or less intelligent? These things do matter. By listening to yourself talk and trying to learn and improve your lexicon you will improve your ability to communicate and bring across your message. Many men love this kind of strength and quality and there is no doubt of its sexiness.