Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust?

I met my soulmate. You know, the ONE for me. He’s everything a girl could need. I mean, wherever he is, is where I want to be. He loves the way I walk, the way I talk, and the way I do my thing. Is he peering inside me, or is he trying to get inside me? He says he’ll follow me to the ends of the earth, as he undresses me with his eyes. Is it my intellect or is it my thighs. Hmmm

I’ve always wanted to be in love, the high of having the man of my dreams. He’d sweep me off my feet, and I’d feel so special. To him, I’d be everything. We’d travel the world, raise our kids, and just be happy. It would never occur to me that for this dream to come true, he’d have to have the same thoughts that I do. Hmmm

What then is love? Could it be one sided and still be enough? If we were both broke, couldn’t we be happy? Isn’t that love? If so, then why do we argue about money so much? If its love, then why do I feel like you are not giving enough? If its true love why don’t you listen to me? Why don’t you see what I see? It is my body that you want? Am I your fantasy come true. I need to know what I am to you.

True love, my man, my soulmate, my lover, my friend, is giving and caring all the time. It is forgiving, and persistent, and is always on time. It feels soooo good, even though it can hurt sometimes. It is loyal, honest, and real. It doesn’t go away. Love never fails.

So is it love, or lust? You won’t know until the tests come. Will we stand up for our love and fight, or will we just let it go? Will we find contentment in each other, or start searching for another? Will you be there when the well runs dry? What do we really have in each other? What do we have in common? Do you share my interests and treasure my heart?

In thought I’m lost. I try to remember, but it doesn’t matter now. Grayhaired with wrinkles, he’s still the one I prize. I look over at him in his rocking chair, gazing at me. He still undresses me with his eyes.