Through His Tummy, To His Heart!

Generally, we are obsessed with filling our closets full of designer clothes and shoes to impress that someone special. We spend hundreds of dollars on our clothes, hair, nails, waxing, etc., just to catch their eye. We obsess so hard on all the superficial things about ourselves that we often find ourselves clueless as to what we need to do to keep him interested. Well, whether you are new or seasoned in the dating world, you should know that many men are weak when it comes to food and a full tummy.

Aside from your new Gucci shoes and handbag, men often find a woman who can cook, very attractive and sexy. Hard to believe that sweat and the smell of oil could turn, but it’s true. The old saying goes, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This rings very true and for more reasons than just a full stomach. To a man, a woman who can cook sho ws that she is independent, ambitious, nurturing and adventurous. Sure, you may find some of these descriptions tough to believe when it comes to cooking spaghetti, but it’s true. Men, who are seeking more than just a “good time”, will notice these things. It’s what they are after.

Though, most men may not admit it but, they are deemed “mama’s boys” for a reason. They like to feel as though, they are being taken care of, just like the main woman in their life did for so many years. It provides them a sense of security to have a home-cooked meal to come home to and shows them that you care.

Food is an expression of love. Regardless of how big or small a meal might be, the fact that you took the time to cook it for them, shows them that you care. It is simple to go to a nice restaurant, but an adventurous, nurturing, ambitious and independent woman is ready to show her special interest th at she is not only ready to take care of them, but knows how.

Sure, sex and all those nice things a woman wears, how she smells, and the time she put into putting herself together doesn’t go unnoticed, but for a woman to take the time and step out on a limb to cook for a man speaks volumes.Physical aspects are a huge plus to a woman who portrays someone who can not only take care of herself, but her man too.

It can often be perceived as a deeper level of attraction and stimulation for a man. When he is looking for that special someone, a woman’s abilities are then put to the test. Is she only about shoes, nails, clothes and perfume or is there more substance to this woman.

Many women are often afraid of cooking for their dates due to the inability or lack of experience in cooking. Don’t freight, the fact that you tried speaks volumes. Practice makes perfect! He won’t dislike you if you can’t cook a five course meal. He may actually enjoy teaching you how to whip up his favorite dish.

There is so much more to a dish than just food and that’s why they say, ” a way to a man’s heart, is through is stomach”. No, don’t run to the grocery and pick up a frozen lasagna nor should you try to cook some fancy dinner you have no experience cooking. Be you, cook something you know how to cook and that you enjoy to eat. The effort means a lot more than any lobster means. Men just want someone who will care enough to take the time to cook a great meal and ensure that he is taken care of. It’s simple.