Why Women Leave Men

If you were wondering if your girlfriend or wife is thinking about leaving you, it might benefit you to know the reason why women leave men. While no two people are exactly alike there are some fairly universal things that will drive a woman to leave a man.

Of course, there are times both parties may agree to split but what we are talking about here is when the woman simply gets up and leaves. In other words, she’s had it and she can’t take it anymore and she’s going to go live somewhere else!

So, what has driven her to do such a thing? More than anything else it’s the little things. Of course, if you’ve done something terribly wrong, like cheated on your wife or girlfriend, or you become abusive, you won’t be wondering if she’s going to leave. In cases like this she’s probably left already. There are times relationships can be patched up after someone has cheated on another, but cheating is a big obstacle to overcome. Being abusive can’t be overcome.

Women need to be paid attention to. It’s as simple as that. Every time she talks you can’t be expected to listen if there is something else going on at the time. However, it is not courteous to ignore her altogether. If she has said something and it didn’t register with you because you were reading, or watching TV or talking on the phone, for instance, you should level with her later and tell her that you didn’t understand what she said. Furthermore, you should ask her what she was trying to tell you and you should listen this time.

Not listening to your woman is a sign of arrogance and sooner or later this arrogance will drive her away. Again, not everyone can be totally attentive to their loved one at all times. However, if you weren’t listening when she was trying to tell you something, at least you should tell her that this has happened.

Yes, financial problems can be a big issue with any couple. However, when two people are working together to straighten out their finances their relationship can end up stronger than it was before their financial downturn took place. On the other hand, if he isn’t even willing to listen to her concerns she will certainly tire of this attitude in a very short time.

Also, it is very common for a woman to complain that her husband or boyfriend doesn’t pay any attention to her. Sometimes, this means a man can erase a lot of sins simply by telling her that she really looks good or by simply asking her how she feels today and then listening to her response.

Still, the number one reason women become fed up with their men enough to actually leave them is when the man acts like she doesn’t exist and that she has nothing important to contribute to a conversation. If you have been acting like this, your relationship is living on borrowed time and if you care at all about her you should start listening to her.